Anger management Training for Church members


Are you interested in managing your anger as a faith base? The class is for you. This class can be tailored towards a group or groups of church members



What’s Good About Anger? Biblical Keys for Transforming Anger

It’s hard to believe that there is anything good about anger, isn’t it? This newly expanded, faith edition of What’s Good About Anger? is a combination book and workbook. The book will help you discover how to let God control your anger and use your anger for His purposes. That is what is good about anger! Since God is good and God gets angry, then, as His child and with His power, you can learn how to be good and angry.

This resource is not only a book on anger management–it emphasizes the source of anger, triggers that provoke anger, scriptural examples of how to express anger in a godly manner, and shows you how to turn anger into faith, problem-solving, assertiveness, and forgiveness.

What’s Good About Anger? is meant to assist people with differing experiences in all walks of life. People with “hidden” anger who might be feeling depressed. People with explosive anger. Even people who don’t believe they have ever felt angry. We hope you will come to realize that anger can be a healthy emotion to motivate you to change, and better yet, that God can transform you and use your anger for His glory. 

Includes: the Role of Faith, Emotional Intelligence, ‘What if’ scenarios, Biblical Insights, Devotionals, Practical Skills, and Scriptures, Anger management progress report.


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